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You’ve never seen such blunt hair styles!

Blunt hair patterns: extreme long cut at shoulder level, not very short hair patterns. Kut hair models are one of the preferred models for many years. Over time, it has been separated into different styles and directed towards the Styrofoam hair models from the standard cut segment.


the most preferred hair styles are as follows::

Short Bob with laughter
Floor Kut
Pixie (pixie cut)
hairstyles have been among the most popular in recent years.

The “Bob” hairstyle is the hairstyle cut at jaw level.


Short (Bob) blunt hair patterns: according to thick hair, thin hair is a very preferred model for those with hair. The reason is that women who have thick hair lose their hair quickly. Women with thick hair know that it is not so easy to deal with hair. This is why it is not recommended for women with thick hair to have blunt hairstyle. Women with thin neck and thin hair can say that this hairstyle will be more appropriate.


The most common type of hair loss is androgenetic alopecia, also known as male pattern baldness. In general, the layers used in long blunt hair models are replaced by the length, structure of the hair. Ladies with flat hair structure, the choice of flat hair models is seen to prefer dense models. Women with dense wavy or curly hair structure should definitely prefer less layered cuts.


Kısa küt saç modelleri kahkül kesimi ile tarz katılıyor. Kısa küt saç modellerinde marjinal renkler kullanıyor; farklı olmak isteyen bayanlar. Katlı küt saç modellerinde kızıl, sarı ve siyah tonları üzerinde duruluyor. Uzun katlı modellerde bu olayın tersine daha yumuşak renkler tercih ediliyor.

Katlı küt saç modelleri hayatına renk katmayı seven farklılık isteyen bayanlarımız için hazırlanmış bir derlemedir.

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