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Short Hair Models 2018 New Trends!

Short hair models are among the most preferred hair models in the process for years. As a result, the hair follicles become thinner and shorter.

A new trend has been created as short hair style is touching the forehead and eyebrows of hair that are not too long. Although this is generally perceived as a hairstyle, Bob and Lob cuts are a trend of hair cut models. This hairstyle that emerges in line with the trend and continues to be preferred by the day is really amazing! The short hairstyle adds a sexy feel to women, while highlighting the specificity and femininity.


As you can see from the photos above, the most preferred hair cut model for short hair models is Bob and lobbur.

The difference between Bob and Lob cutting hair model is that it is cut at the neck level and the other is cut at the chin level. The most popular trend in our country is one of the hair cutting models. You can be sure that this hair cut model won’t lose its trend for many years.


The short hairstyle you see above is not very preferred as color and shortness. Because we women can not easily choose and very short hair model can not use.

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