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Half Mini braids

Half Mini braids


9 steps of create a beautiful greek hairstyle + final view, tutorial for a long hair by beauty blogger


Here’s a hairstyle you can make on your way to the beach for summer! You split your hair from side to side, and you knit your hair from side to side, and on the other hand, a pinch, and you merge it in the back. That’s it!you can also open it with a dryer for holiday weather if you’re in the city and you’re not on vacation.

Editor’s suggestion: when you go to the beach, how would you like to lighten your hair? Then you can get help from L’Oréal Paris Sunkiss Color Picker Gel. Apply this gel to your wet hair and let it dry in the sun before leaving the house. If you are in the city and you can’t go on vacation, you can dry your hair with a hair dryer after applying gel to your hair to get the color of your hair that has been exposed to the sun. 🙂

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