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Hair color suitable for dark skin

One of the biggest mistakes when choosing hair color is to determine the hair color by ignoring the skin color. It should not be forgotten that skin color is an important criterion that shows and determines the hair color.

The color of your skin determines what the color of your hair will look like. For this reason, when you choose a hair color that is not suitable for your skin color, your hair will look like it’s not yours.

Today, various brands are doing business to save us from this problem with rich hair dye varieties. From caramel Coffee to akaju coffee, from ash yellow to ombre colors, we have many colors and models. The problem is, these various colors are not all suitable for each skin. All you have to do is choose a color that is compatible with your skin color and apply one of these unlimited hair color options.

Dark skin color, white or wheat skin color, such as does not show skin imperfections. On the contrary, dark skin color has a feature that conceals skin imperfections. However, it is obvious that this skin color is problematic about hair color. If you have dark skin color, your choice of color is not as varied as it is pale skin color. I will now list the hair color options I recommend for women with dark skin.

Auburn Hair Color
Kumral is one of the latest trend hair colors and has become one of the most preferred colors by women. One of the reasons for this is its natural appearance. Another reason is the Red Carpet, whether in films, Hollywood celebrities ‘ choice is everywhere in front of us is the Auburn hair colors.

One of the first colors to suit the dark skin color is Auburn, and when used in different shades, you can change your temperament and more. If you are going to use Auburn hair color with dark tan, you should not choose the light shades of Auburn color. This is because a light hair color with dark skin will be very raw. To avoid this, you should prefer dark and ashy tones of Auburn color. In this way, your brunette skin color and Auburn hair color will be in harmony. This will bring your face to the fore and your hair will integrate with you.

If you have dark tan, you can use Auburn tones as follows; ash Auburn hair color, caramel Auburn Hair Color, Golden Auburn Hair Color, dark Auburn hair color and all the rest of the Auburn tones can be used.

Caramel Hair Color
The light caramel tone of the same color blends perfectly with the dark skin. Since it is a soft color,I recommend that it be used with more classic haircuts rather than with very hard cuts.

The caramel color, which is a color between the Golden coffee and beige-yellow, is the ideal color for women looking for charm. You can choose many options of caramel color, which is in harmony with the warm skin colors, from light to dark or from dark to Dark. If you want a hair color close to caramel hair colors, honey foam hair color is useful to take a look at our article.

If you want to make the best use of caramel hair color with which hairstyle, you can use your hair color with light hair that is dispersed or left wavy natural.

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