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Different hair styles that you can apply easily

Here are the hair models that look very stylish and very easy!
Don’t you always get tired of using the same hairstyle? Don’t you think it’s time to try a little different, different hairstyle? We know you use the same hairstyle because it’s easy most of the time. But it’s so easy to do the different hairstyle we recommend to you below, so you can do it in seconds. Here are the hair models that look very stylish and very easy!


Back braided hair model


simple braid hairstyle tutorial. Plait hairstyle for long hair. Fast hairstyle for self tutorial step by step. Hair tutorial


Here is a very different hairstyle from its appearance: the back braided hair! In this model of hair, you start to weave the front part of your hair under the chin in a classic, 3-D braided style. Then you weave the rest of your hair and weave the other end of the braid. In the final, you can complete the view by taking the braid from the chin to the back of the head.


Twisted knob

simple elegant hairdo for long and medium hair tutorial


Different hair models look as stylish as they are easy. Here’s one of those hairstyles, the Burgundy knob! Create 2 separate braids after you give your hair a shape of a twig and collect it with a rubber buck in the back. Then, pull these braids to the side, expand and give the knob appearance. You can fix it with the wire buckles.

Editor’s suggestion: you can also choose this hairstyle frequently in invitations, and fill your eyes with your elegant look. However, in order for the resulting hairstyle to look perfect, it is essential that its hair is not electrically damaged. This is why we recommend that you fix your electrified hair with a spray after you have created the entire hair pattern.



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