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Braided half-Hornet

Let’s add a little difference to your half-Hornet! When different hair patterns are combined with the braids, they appear to be cool. The braided half-ponytail is also practical and is one of the coolest hairstyles! The front part of the hair to collect a pinch of the side of the fish in the form of a hair model, e.g. herringbone. Then, under the ponytail, create another ponytail and pass through the weaves. You can do this several times according to the length of your hair and fix your hair.

Editor’s suggestion: this hairstyle is very important in terms of the fact that its hair is straight. For this reason, we recommend that you give a straight look with a straightener before you shape your hair. Before you can get help from Elseve hair Beautifier miraculous oil cream so that your hair is not damaged by heat and it is perfectly shaped.


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