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2018 the most trendy 12 hairstyle of spring/summer season

In the wave-winning Rapunzel hair, we brought together 12 of the most popular hairstyles of the Spring/Summer 2018 to the LOB segment, which has a nostalgic atmosphere with layers.

Retro Floors
In the coming season, Lob cuts, which extend to Shoulder level, move in layers and retro takes on a form. To riven this nostalgic look, you can add the long-cut layers as well as the floor rivets of Elsa Hosk, which refer to the 60’s.

Hair Clips
Another hair accessory intended to be permanent! This time, not the ‘ 90s, but the 20s into our lives of hair clips that adapt to every appearance form of our favorites. Isn’t the romantic interpretation of January Jones for you? Then try the Twin DJs Simi & haze’s contraband!


XXS Perchem
This season, a few inches shorter and adds a modern feel to your haircut. Rooney Mara’ya Bella Hadid’ye many stars favorite of the micro-caratoos are afraid to try, you can get this look with fake hair.

The ‘ 80s knob
First Jennifer Lopez, then Ashley Graham, and finally Rita Ora, a new generation of high heels, will be one of the hairstyles that dominates the writing. The 80’s that won volume and nostalgia with curls combine fun and sex appeal.

Romantic Ponytail
Texture and romance are indispensable in both your night Combs and your street style. You can choose a messy finish like Jennifer Lawrence for a sports weather, and you can choose Hair Accessories combined with smooth waves as Jessica Biel applies in Golden Globes to adapt this model to night-time looks.

Back to the ‘ 90s: Scrunchie
Pretzel buckles have entered our lives without us noticing, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to be easy. Scrunchie’ler again in the new season when retro looks are on the rise.

Scattered and short
Short hair extensions are shaped by Bob’s eye-blinking coats. This hairstyle, which is freed from the masked air of the short-cut, emits a more feminine and Sexy vibration in the summer of 2018.

Volume Curls
The Red Carpet’s retro waves are replaced by these thin and voluminous curls! Intense, puffy, curly hair is one of the new Favorites of the stars from Jennifer Lawrence to Jourdan Dunn. You can also use ultra thin hair tongs for this permanent appearance with Perm.

Next Generation Bob
In the new season, Bob cuts out of his ultra-flat and jet form are shaped with a more dispersed look. The most important point of this section is the perches that make the last touch to the scattered form. In the upcoming summer season, you will be able to move on to your Bob section with XS or triple rivets.


Tom Boy Cuts
Pixie’s sophisticated and classic stance is one of the Favorites of the summer. This short hairstyle, which has gained an architectural form with sharper finishes, is a must for stars of it-Girl status from Cara Delevingne to zoey Kravitz.



XXL waves
Hair XXL long has no intention of going anywhere. Rapunzel hair, one of the striking and cool models of the street, moves with loose and indifferent waves like Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian, one of the pioneers of the trend.


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